Superman Beards Up In Man Of Steel

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10.07.11 7 Comments

The filming of Superman movie Man Of Steel continued this week. They’re in Vancouver now shooting scenes meant to represent a fishing village in Alaska, where Superman (as far as we can tell) is hiding out and looking super emo. And you know he’s doing the “brooding, poetic soul hiding out in a remote village” thing because he has baggy, drab clothes and a beard. Thanks, Hollywood. We wouldn’t be able to figure out an actor’s emotions by their acting or anything. “More khaki! And scrub some dirt onto that sweater. And add some salt stains so we know he’s been thinking things through on a vessel in the briny sea. Scruffier beard. No, scruffier!  I know how those flyovers look!  And tell my PA to go get more coke so I can snort it off this copy of Robert McKee’s Story.”

The pictures of Superman with a beard are on the next page, and we also have some related .gifs and a couple pictures of his other beard, Lois Lane.

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