“Team Fortress 2” About to Go All Poppins?

“Team Fortress 2” is one of the few games designed for multiplayer that genuinely works, possibly because instead of being a festival of self-seriousness and seven-year-olds whining about how you’re better than them, it’s got the typical Valve sense of humor.

And, of course, like all Valve products, it lends itself to modding. But this particular mod for the spy may be getting into the realm of the ridiculous, just a little.

What is this mod, built by an entire community, exactly? An umbrella gun. Personally, we would have liked to see the knife replaced with the Bulgarian Brolly, but we guess pretending to be the Penguin is almost as good.

Of course, serving as a pistol isn’t all it does. Check it out, under the jump.

[ via the British spies at PC Gamer ]