Techno Kitten Adventure Flies Onto The Xbox 360 and iPhone

06.08.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

One does not just fly into meme-dom (by jetpack). Unless that one is Techno Kitten Adventure, a top-rated and top-downloaded Xbox Indies game getting a new version today for the iPhone and Xbox.

TKA is a sidescrolling game with antiquated gif-esque graphics in which the player must guide a flying cat past deadly objects and visually assaulting diversions. Obstacles include giant pieces of bacon, Mario-esque haunted mansions a barrage of hyperactive, flashing Internet references. If you loved the nightmarish Nyan-Nyan cat, Techno Viking and Geocities, you will feel right at home playing this game.

The game now has new levels, achievements, updated leaderboards, and an array of new characters. The one thing that has remained the same is the ability to play TKA without thumbs; only one button is used during gameplay.

    The game is free up to 30k points, and then only a buck for the full version. Do yourself a favor and forget about those ‘productivity’ apps which never get used (I know you know how to make a list) and spend your dollar on this delicious time suck.

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