‘The Art Of Halo 4’ Fires Off Some Exclusive Images

11.07.12 6 years ago

One thing I noted in my Halo 4 review is that the game may be short, but it’s well crafted. It’s also an incredibly beautiful game. Consider that this is basically a high-end PC from 2006 turning out some absolutely gorgeous graphics.

It can be hard to appreciate how much work goes into a game’s graphics, especially since there are some games that focus on graphics to the exclusion of gameplay and that can be irksome. But, especially as gaming has developed more as an art form and gamers have shown more interest in the creative process, we’ve seen more concept art and behind-the-scenes design for video games. Ten years ago, an art book for any game, no matter how popular, would be a rare thing, but increasingly, we’re getting more insight into how a game was put together.

I’m particularly a fan of Titan Books’ work in the area, as you may have noticed, partially because finding quality art books for anything related to pop culture is fairly difficult, and video games in particular suffer. Titan actually cares, and that care shows in their work. Just compare it to any art book from a “Limited Edition” game bundle. Titan’s printing is much better and the collection is much more complete; their art books are books in their own right.

Their collection of the work done on Halo 4 arrives this Friday, and it’s one of the better gaming art books available. Here’s a few sample of what’s in store if you pick it up.

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