The Blood Sport Controller Draws Blood When The Controller Rumbles

Most video games aren’t designed to actually drain your life meter. But, thanks to the wonders of Kickstarter, now you can actually have your blood drained every time you get shot in a game! No, seriously.

The mechanics of the Blood Sport, as explained by the Mary Sue, are fairly simple: You hook up a blood drawing mechanism, and it’s wired to your controller’s rumble function. Every time the controller rumbles, it draws a little blood. An Arduino board both keeps the system in check and monitors how much blood is drawn so that you don’t, uh, actually die.

Despite sounding like a concept from a horror movie, and we guarantee it’s going to show up in one before the end of next year, it’s actually been designed to make donating blood more fun. Instead of lying on a gurney squeezing a stress ball, you’ll be gaming and may not even notice that now video games can literally suck the life right out of you.

If this sounds a bit tongue in cheek, it’s worth noting that while the Blood Sport is a serious project, the team behind it has a long record of satirical web projects to promote charities. So, yeah, they’re being a little puckish here, but it is for a good cause. If you’re curious, and live in Canada, you can throw a few bucks at the Kickstarter and try it out early next year.