The Extended ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Trailer Really Likes Shooting Tom Cruise In The Face

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05.13.14 12 Comments
edge of tomorrow

Warner Bros.

There are two things we can take away from the extended “IMAX” trailer for Edge of Tomorrow. One, it’s got a lot of action scenes. Two, it thinks shooting Tom Cruise in the face repeatedly is a selling point for audiences.

For those unfamiliar, Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill, pithily summed up as Groundhog Day with a lot more alien-shooting. Tom Cruise plays a military officer packed off to the front since the aliens are thoroughly kicking humanity’s butt and they’re low on recruits. He promptly dies, being essentially an accountant with no combat experience, only to wake up and realize he’s repeating the same day. And with that day comes, apparently, lots of humiliating accidental deaths:

Let’s see here, a brief tally of Cruise’s deaths, just in this trailer:

  • Mid-air collision
  • Hit by a truck
  • Shot in the face by Emily Blunt. Twice.
  • Blown up
  • Eaten by an alien
  • Hit by a car that was hit by a helicopter
  • Plane crash

Also, we’re assuming that this doesn’t include what will likely be a lengthy Venture Bros.-esque montage of Tom Cruise’s own stupidity getting him repeatedly killed. So, essentially, the pitch seems to be “If you like shooting aliens, or the misery of Tom Cruise, come on down.”

We have to admit, that’s a compelling pitch.

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