The First Filming Location For ‘Jurassic World’ Is Not Creepy AT ALL

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06.05.14 13 Comments

Jurassic World has an insane plot (confirmed by the director) and Chris Pratt’s badonkers abs. What else does it need? How about a freaky-ass location to film in?

CinemaBlend discovered a casting call that, among other things, reveals part of the movie will be shot in Six Flags New Orleans. Well known to the “urban exploration” community, Six Flags New Orleans was shut down for a standard hurricane and then… well… Hurricane Katrina happened. Six Flags declared it a total loss, collected the insurance money, and stuck the city of New Orleans with it. The site is just one of many places where the city has been trying to redevelop since.

But it’s a big, cheap space, so movies have been filming there with regularity. And photographers have raided the place repeatedly because it’s rife with atmosphere. OK, so the atmosphere is “post-apocalyptic and possibly riddled with zombies,” but it’s still an atmosphere!

Boy, that looks like a fun place that is in no way haunted. They start shooting there this weekend, and you could get a hundred bucks as an extra to be bussed to this place and mill around for twelve hours. Maybe bring some sage, or a flamethrower, or something.

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