‘The Flash’ Sprints To Save The Day In A New Trailer

Senior Contributor
08.07.14 18 Comments

One of the key questions about The Flash is going to boil down to a simple question: How does it look when he runs? Pretty good, if this new trailer is any indication.

The trailer is basically an effects reel, and we have to say, for a show on the CW, it looks quite good. Here’s just one example:


The CW

That looks quite a bit like the Flash we see in the comics, without being cheesy. There are one or two moments that look mildly silly, like Barry running in very slow motion, but overall, this is some impressive effects work, a step up even from what was in the leaked pilot. If the CW can maintain this quality from week to week, this will, at the very least, be the best-looking show on TV.

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