‘The Hobbit’ Wants You To Get Wistful With One Last Trailer

Honestly, there are campaigns where it feels more like the studio is wistful it can’t wring the franchise for more movies than it is audiences are sad it’s going away. And this seems particularly true of The Hobbit, especially with this final trailer reminding you there are two other movies to watch.

Not to knock The Hobbit, which frankly could have been about a thousand times worse than it turned out to be, but when The Lord of the Rings wrapped up with a dozen different endings, it was a cultural event. My non-nerdy relatives went to see it opening weekend. The ending of The Hobbit feels a bit more low-key, in comparison.

Nonetheless, there’s a little bit of new footage here, and it serves as a nice overview of the series to date, especially as it cuts out Lee Pace’s more Lemongrabby moments as Thranduil. Of course, we won’t know exactly what note the franchise ends on until next week, but we’re assuming they don’t change the ending too drastically.

That said, if there’s a little bit at the end where Talion from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor shows up, we’ll follow Peter Jackson into the deepest mines of Moria. Especially if they use the game to randomly generate the orcs. Who doesn’t want to hear orcs chanting “Douche!” on a massive theater sound system?