‘The Last Barfighter’: Win A Fighting Game, Get A Beer

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02.19.13 10 Comments

Many of us haven’t stood at an arcade cabinet in years, not because of time constraints but because the only places that still have arcade games are bowling alleys and rest stops on turnpikes. Big Boss Brewing plans to fix that with The Last Barfighter.

We could explain the concept, but this video does it much more justice:

Or if you’re not the visual type, here’s some text from the press release:

Players choose one of five characters representing the five year-round Big Boss brews: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. The best player of the three rounds wins, and a sample of beer is automatically dispensed via the Beercade taps.

No word on what happens if the keg is tapped. Presumably you get a free play instead.

The game itself seems pretty straightforward: It’s a Flash fighting game, so really it’s not like we’re talking chess here.

Still, this needs to be installed in every bar in America, and that needs to happen for two reasons. One, it will mean only people very good at fighting games will be allowed to get drunk. Two, it will limit their alcohol intake. Worried about sozzled patrons? Flip a switch and suddenly they’re on the hardest difficulty possible.

Sadly, there are no plans to do this right now: This is a promotional item being taken out on tour.

Thanks to our own Surly Badger for the tip!

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