The Launch Trailer For ‘Bayonetta 2’ Is Action-Packed, Sexy And Completely Ridiculous

Bayonetta 2 is almost here folks and, well, it’s looking like another Bayonetta! The non-stop perversion seems to have been toned down a bit, but it seems to have been mostly replaced with pure, undiluted crazy. I have no earthly idea what’s happening during most of Bayonetta 2’s launch trailer, but I’d like to at least try to find out.

Check out the insanity below…

Yeah, that’s right, that trailer featured hair-clothes wearing witch Bayonetta sporting a furry tail as part of a Fox McCloud suit. I take back what I said about the perversion being dialed back — that is some next-level fetish sh*t.

Still not convinced? Well, Nintendo just released a Bayonetta 2 demo, so you can test the game out for yourself. The full game hits October 24th.

Via Destructoid