The Long-Delayed ‘Doom 4’ Is Now Just ‘Doom’ And It Will Be A Reboot

07.18.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

ID Software/Bethesda

Yesterday at QuakeCon ID finally unveiled the very long-in-development Doom 4, except now it’s not Doom 4 anymore. The game is now simply titled Doom, and Id is calling it an “origin” game, that retells the events of the classic Doom titles.

Unfortunately the new Doom demo was exclusive for attendees of QuakeCon — Id is waiting on releasing any videos or trailers, so all we have is second-hand details.

According to those in attendance, the game basically looks like a souped-up version of Doom 3, but according to tweets from PC Gamer, there will be some gameplay tweaks, with melee combat being a big part of the package now…


You can also have fun with dismemberment…


The game still has a bit of a retro slant though.


According to ID, the game will run at 1080p and 60fps and is powered by the brand new, ID Tech 6 engine. Sadly, no word on when exactly the rest of the world is going to get a peek at the demon curb stomping.


Tweets via PC Gamer

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