‘The Maze Runner’ Mashes Up ‘Lord Of The Flies’ And ‘Cube’ In Its New Trailer

There’s no shortage of movies being adapted from YA novels, being as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter make cash hand over fist. And that means knock-offs, but this actually looks promising if for no other reason than it seems to be a B-movie in YA clothes.

Seriously, there’s a pretty serious Cube vibe being given off by this trailer, or maybe the Ray Liotta classic No Escape. The basic premise is ridiculous, naturally: A bunch of teenagers live in the center of a maze full of cyborg slugs that want to kill them. But this seems to have enough action and setpieces for us to roll with it. Really, this is just a slasher movie with less gore and more special effects: Annoying teenagers in the middle of the woods, being stalked and manipulated by a malevolent intelligence with secret goals, inserted in an artificial space devoid of humanity, safety, and hope.

OK, so maybe it’s actually Office Space meets Cube. Either way, still something we want to see.