‘The New Crusaders’ Are, Uh, Back

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07.30.12 3 Comments

Archie Comics, as hardcore trivia types probably remember, owns a stable of superheroes. They’ve been printed in the ’70s and ’80s, and recently DC tried to reboot them into the DCU, but with no luck.

Archie seems to be banking on audiences not necessarily liking current comics superheroes by making a book that’s serious without being gory, profane, or otherwise grim n’ gritty.

It’ll be interesting to see if it works as a print comic. I’ve been keeping my eye on the New Crusaders launch digitally, and while nothing’s been earthshaking, the books are under the supervision of Ian Flynn and thus pretty solid. Flynn’s Archie’s go-to guy for non-ginger material: he currently handles their Sonic and Mega Man books.

Apparently the goal is to hit the tone of the Avengers movie. And, of course, to see if they can’t get any interest in a New Crusaders movie, at least that’s everyone’s assuming. We’ll be curious to see whether Archie can pull this one off in print.

image courtesy Archie Comics

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