The New ‘SimCity’ Makes City Building Less Lonely

12.12.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

I’m a big SimCity fan, but up until now it’s always been a bit of a lonely experience. You spend dozens of hours slaving away on your perfect little city that, in all likeliness, nobody else will ever look at or care about.

That changes in the new SimCity. In the upcoming game, you’re given a large region to play on with room for multiple cities. These multiple cities can be intimately tied together and serve different roles — you can build a gaudy Las Vegas-like tourist trap next to subdued suburb for instance. A smog belching, job providing, industrial town next to a park-filled hipster paradise. Even better, other real people can take control of any of these cities — no more playing alone.

Hit the jump for a video detailing how multi-city play will work…


What the hell, here’s a couple more videos detailing SimCity’s features we haven’t posted yet…


How can you not buy a game produced by a guy with such a fabulous beard?


Well, no more productivity for me come March of next year.

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