The Original ‘Resident Evil’ Returns Yet Again With A New HD Remastering

08.05.14 4 years ago 17 Comments


The 2002 Gamecube version of Resident Evil is still the gold standard when it comes to video game remakes in my opinion. The game retained the essential core and personality of Resident Evil while polishing, expanding and deepening the game in almost every aspect. To this day the game stands up as a beautiful survival horror game, not to mention the scariest entry in the Resident Evil series by a long shot.

Capcom seems to agree the game has held up well, because today they announced that the Resident Evil remake will be remastered and released on both current and last-gen systems. The game’s stunning pre-rendered backgrounds will be upscaled, the character models will be re-done and a new, somewhat less rigid control scheme will be included — aside from that, Capcom is promising not to tamper with a good thing.

Here’s a couple Capcom producers chatting about the project…

And here’s a few screenshots.









Dammit — just when I swear I’m done with the remastering thing, they announce another project I can’t ignore.

via Kotaku

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