Pete Holmes Fires Nightcrawler From The X-Men For His Teleportation Farts

The Pete Holmes Show posted a new “Ex-Men” segment and a blooper reel over the holiday. Pete Holmes once again plays Professor X, firing mutants like Iceman, Jubilee, Angel, Gambit, and Wolverine while roasting them with sick burns. This time the actor who played Gambit (Thomas Middleditch) returns as Nightcrawler, and he says what we’ve all been thinking about these sketches:

“Professor, you established this mansion as a haven for the mutants. Was this all an elaborate trap to lure us in and then insult us?”

“. . . A little bit.”

They didn’t make the mistake of implying Nightcrawler’s powers are anything less than awesome. Instead they blamed his firing partly on his creepy appearance (“If a summer camp kid said the word moist three times in the mirror, you would appear behind them”). But what Professor X finds most off-putting about Nightcrawler is the scent left by his teleportation fumes, which he then describes in colorful detail.

Here’s a new video of outtakes from the Gambit sketch as well.