‘The Simpsons’ Did An Unexpected Hobbit Couch Gag, And It Was Excellent

The November 3rd episode of The Simpsons, titled “4 Regrettings and a Funeral”, will include the excellent spoof of The Hobbit below. It’s an unusually long couch gag, just as The Hobbit is an unusually long unexpected journey. This Hobbit couch gag also includes perfect casting like Moe as Gollum and Mr. Burns as Smaug laying on a pile of purloined gold. Of course.

Although this Hobbit couch gag isn’t quite as amazing as Guillermo del Toro’s, or as creepy as the one designed by Banksy, it’s all we could ask for from a Hobbit parody. As for the episode it introduces, the funeral referenced by the title “4 Regrettings and a Funeral” will not be for Edna Krabappel (R.I.P., Marcia Wallace), nor will it be for the regular character who’s going to die this season. Whoever the decedent turns out to be, we just hope they died via T-Shirt cannon.