The UPROXX GammaStream Crashes Limos With ‘Roundabout’

05.27.15 3 years ago

No Goblin

It’s a sleepy release week. To be honest, I almost started playing The Witcher III again. Fortunately, Sony’s ongoing tradition of finding weird games to put on the PS4 has saved us a repeat, and it’s time to crash some limousines in Roundabout.

This is more than just a goofy racing game, it’s actually a tribute to the terrible, awful, no-good video games of the mid-’90s, when FMV cutscenes were king and the games… well, the games actually weren’t that much better. Roundabout puts you in the shoes of a limo driver who has to get her charges from point A to point B in the single worst $#!tbox of a limo to ever disgrace the roads. Let’s just say getting there is half the fun, provided you don’t kill anybody.

As usual, we’ll being streaming on Twitch, or you can check out the stream below. We’ll be running this chaos from 3 p.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST: See you there!

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