The US Military Is Officially Developing Prosthetic Limbs With A Sense Of Touch

02.12.15 3 years ago


Prosthetic limb technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds recently, but what would really push everything to the next level and take us into science fiction territory would be prosthetics that could actually feel things like a regular human limb. Well, US military research agency DARPA is working on exactly that.

DARPA has founded a new project called HAPTRIX to create prosthetics that would connect directly to the central nervous system, allowing users to effortlessly control their prosthetics with their mind as well as actually get sensory feedback from the things they touch. Here’s an image illustrating the basic concept…



Here’s a video from DARPA demonstrating some of the new prosthetic technologies we already have. If this can actually be done it will obviously be huge for war veterans and other amputees.

via Med Gadget

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