This New International Trailer For ‘The Wolverine’ Is Pretty Okay

06.12.13 5 years ago

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine totally looks like Grumpy Cat

The Wolverine makes his best “Grumpy Cat” face.

An international trailer for The Wolverine is out, and it includes plenty of new footage of Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) doing her creepy Viper thing with the acidy spit and the molting skin with the ripping off of her own face and there goes my appetite.

Speaking of Viper being creepy, The Shiznit was inspired to make this parody of those awful “one simple trick” banner ads. They’ve titled this, “All I can think of every time I watch a trailer for The Wolverine.”

parody of One Simple Trick internet ads with Viper from The Wolverine

As for the picture up top, we were inspired to alter this tweeted photo and add Grumpy Cat. Which one is Grumpy Cat and which one is Wolverine? Who knows, but they’ll both cut a fool.


The Wolverine opens July 26th.

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