The Worst Trek Round Nineteen: Space Hippies Vs. Space Clones

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04.19.12 14 Comments

“Turnabout Intruder”, or as Erswi dubbed it and as it will be known from now on “Shat-Her”, handily beat “Shades of Grey to move on to the Egregious Eight. And now we’ve got a TOS/Voyager showdown to decide.

“The Way To Eden”

TOS Season 3, Episode 20

Smug space hippies hijack the Enterprise in an episode that’s considered awful even by third-season standards.

“Course: Oblivion”

Voyager, Season 5, Episode 18

You know, you really shouldn’t have an episode in the fifth season that reminds us how boring and disposable your entire cast is, by literally making them disposable.

Just a reminder: whichever episode wins this matchup will be up against “Justice” in the Egregious Eight.

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