A Thing To Avoid: Mark Millar Is Making A Movie Called 'Kindergarten Heroes'

10.02.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


Yup, Mark Millar, enthusiastic fan of ultra-violence, the c-word, and rape scenes that “don’t really matter” is developing a movie for kids! Oh, this is going to work out f–king, c–ting fabulously.

Hit the jump for more information on Kindergarten Heroes, a movie you’re probably going to want to keep your kids away from…

So yeah, Kindergarten Heroes — in classic Millar fashion, he’s sold the movie rights to something that isn’t even a thing yet. So far all that exists of Kindergarten Heroes is this rather uninspiring bit of art…


No word on what the movie/eventual book may be about. A kindergarten for superheroes where naptime is replaced by graphic disembowellings I’m assuming.

The movie will be produced by Simon Kinberg (the writer and/or producer of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Elysium and possibly some of the Star Wars sequels) and written by Carter Blanchard, the guy behind the upcoming sci-fi movie Glimmer. In other words, there are enough big names behind this thing that it might actually happen. Bollocks.

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