This Is A 1:1 Scale Model X-Wing. Built Out Of Legos.

It’s widely believed that there’s nothing you can’t build out of Legos. The Lego corporation, always out to keep proving this statement, has really topped themselves this time, though. Behold this full-scale Lego X-Wing. Did we mention the engines light up? And that you can actually sit inside of it?

It’s not actually Lego all the way through: That would have been too heavy to build and it would have never have met the requirements of shipping and seismic codes. To give you an idea of just how unstable a giant pile of Lego actually is, here’s what happened with the Mythbusters built a giant Lego ball (start the video at 3:08):

Essentially, the internal stresses rip the structure apart. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of bricks in this Lego X-Wing, though: Lego reports that over 5 million bricks were used in the construction, and the whole thing weighs nearly 46,000 pounds. It’s got a 44 foot wingspan, and it’s eleven feet tall.

It’s also obsessively detailed: Gizmodo has exclusive photos showing touches like Lego studs built into the struts. That’s probably why it took four months to build.

Currently, the Lego X-Wing will be in Times Square for three days before going to its permanent home in Legoland on the West Coast.