This is Pretty Much What 3D Was Made For — Jurassic Park Getting 3D Makeover

I was never a huge Star Wars or Indiana Jones fan as a kid. Now, I’ve come to appreciate those movies as an adult, but as an impressionable youth the Spielberg/Lucas movie that blew my little mind was Jurassic Park. I’m a hardcore Jurassic Park fan — I’ve watched it a million times, I know every scene, I know every line. So yeah, I was pretty jazzed when I heard Jurassic Park is getting the 3D re-release treatment.

It helps that Jurassic Park’s effects have held up astonishingly well. It’s dinos still look as good or better than pretty much any effects seen today. I’m not sure how much 3D will add to the proceedings, but it gives me an excuse to go watch Jurassic Park in a theater again, so I won’t complain.

Sadly we’ll have to wait a while for 3D raptors — Jurassic Park 3D won’t arrive until summer of 2013.

via Bestweekever