This Is What Netflix Looks Like Running On An Original NES Console

Netflix is available to stream on practically every modern device, from handhelds to gaming consoles. Now, it looks like the streaming service will work — albeit not well — on an original Nintendo Entertainment System. According to Polygon, a few of the company’s engineers hooked the service up to an NES recently and managed to watch some House of Cards in the process.

Netflix engineers Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe and Carenina Motion hacked together a semi-working version of the service for the NES during the company’s winter hack day. They managed to get a handful of frames from the intro to House of Cards up and playing on a “unmodified” NES, with “some assembly required,” Cirino tweeted.

The video above shows the limited browser interface, as well as a reference to a new “Recommend” feature yet to be released to the public. While it’s not the most appealing way to watch a streaming service, dare I say I’m now interested in an 8-bit version of House of Cards. Make it happen, internet!

Via DarNES / Polygon