This ‘Thief’ Video Seems Unimpressive, Except For One Thing

03.29.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

The first official video for the Thief reboot has debuted, and it seems spectacularly unimpressive at first. Until you learn an important fact about it.

First, here’s the video itself:

OK, not bad, looks really good from what we expect of prerendered footage in a modern video game.

One point, though: That’s in-engine footage. OK, so it’s probably “game running on a PC with a graphics card powered by plutonium” in-engine footage, but the game can actually look like that under the right circumstances.

If you followed our PAX East coverage, you might have noticed a few snaps of Garrett’s costume and bow as real life props on the show floor.

As the video hints, our first real look at the gameplay will be coming next week on Tuesday, apparently in the form of Garrett being a lousy roommate and taking your beer from the fridge without asking. That’s “what’s yours is mine” means, right?

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