Thor And Loki Share A Bromance In Deleted Scenes

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09.02.11 2 Comments

The Blu-ray release of Thor came out early in some countries, and Russian fan site Stark Industries uploaded all twelve deleted scenes. The DVD and Blu-ray comes out September 13th in the U.S. (September 28th in the UK) and also contains a bunch of other special features. As for the dozen deleted scenes, here’s what they cover:

  1. Thor and Loki get bromantic. (Clip below, via gingerhaze)
  2. “Who wants to polish my sword?”
  3. Frigga gives Thor a pep talk.
  4. Thor flips a table. He HATES tables you guys.
  5. Thor being examined
  6. Odin and Frigga arguing
  7. Loki does something I couldn’t watch ’cause it wouldn’t load.
  8. Thor and Stellan Skarsgård getting drunk and playing patty cake. Skarsgård goes full retard:
  9. Thor replaces the cup he broke. Exciting sh-t.
  10. Kat Dennings saves a puppy ’cause she’s adorable.
  11. No idea. It wouldn’t load.
  12. Skarsgård and Loki doing something I couldn’t watch ’cause it wouldn’t load. I’m going to assume it’s another game of patty cake and Skarsgård does the Simple Jack face again because that would be awesome.

The last eleven videos don’t embed and take forever to load, so that’s why I gave the description. You can decide for yourself which, if any, of these [or the backups at CBM] you want to click “play” on then come back two hours later. I don’t want to waste your time after everything we’ve been through, all those frost giants we killed and all those mushrooms we did together. I’m not sure which one of those things actually happened. It’s a little hazy.

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