Todd McFarlane Claims To Have An Oscar Winner Just Waiting In The Sidelines

02.18.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

“The Oscar winner that’s going to be in my Spawn movie is thiiiiis big…”

Usually when you want some egomaniacal insanity from an Image Founder, Rob Liefeld is your go-to, but Todd McFarlane can also deliver some quality crazy during the relatively rare occasions when says something of substance.

For instance, did you know Todd McFarlane is working on a script for a new Spawn movie, and that he has an Oscar winner just waiting by the phone for news of new pages? I’ll let Todd tell it…

“I continue to write a page here and there. We’ve got a guy waiting in the sidelines who’s an Academy Award winning actor who phones every three weeks going ‘Todd, where’s the script? Where’s the script?'”

An Oscar may buy you fame, fortune, starring roles and millions of dollars, but it can’t get Todd McFarlane off his ass. He’ll write a page here and there and you’ll like it.

So, which Oscar winner has Todd McFarlane on speed dial? Well, Oscar winners rarely settle for anything less than lead roles, and Spawn’s alter-ego Al Simmons is black, so black Oscar winners — Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx? I find it hard to believe they don’t have something better to do than call Todd McFarlane in the middle of the night.

Which leaves Cuba Gooding Jr. and, well, that sounds about right, doesn’t it? Sadly Cuba’s at a place where starring in a low-budget Spawn movie would count as a major career revitalization.

So there you have it, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Spawn. That or Todd McFarlane just straight made this s–t up. Honestly I kind of hope he did.

via Bleeding Cool

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