Toddler Survival Horror Game ‘Among The Sleep’ Goes To Kickstarter

04.19.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

A while back we told you about Among The Sleep, a survival horror game told from the perspective of a toddler.

Apparently it’s hard for an original idea to get privately funded, so they’re going to Kickstarter to raise the money.

And with Kickstarters come new video! Apparently this is all in-game footage.

The game has no functional combat. Instead when you see the creepy storybook monsters it hints at, you’re supposed to avoid them, generally by hiding in the kind of places you find a three year old. You can also do a lot to the environment:

We’ve done a lot of experimenting with environmental interaction, so for instance you’ll be able to push, pull and climb objects to reach places, open and close doors, make a staircase out of drawers, peek around corners, carry and place small objects, and the list goes on.

Basically, the team went to Kickstarter because they’re all working part-time jobs, and don’t want to delay the release of the game or put out a subpar product. They also have fairly reasonable goals: They want to net $200,000.

I kicked in for it: Honestly, the game looks unique and compelling enough that at the very least it’ll be worth a play or two. If you agree, you can fund it right here.

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