The Latest Trailer For ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Gets Dark As It Delves Into The Game’s Story

The multiplayer aspect of Tom Clancy’s The Division has been the focus of most of the game’s coverage so far. The game’s open-world, MMO-esque approach to the multiplayer shooter is, after all, its most significant innovation. That said, The Division also has a full story to play through, and it’s pretty dark stuff.

The latest trailer for The Division, which you can check out above, provides glimpses of how New York became an apocalyptic wasteland. Piled bodies, violence, public executions – The Division doesn’t look to be for the squeamish. The clip also gives us a peek at the customizable safe houses where you’ll plan your missions, and lots of pretty solid looking action.

The world may be a mess in The Division, but mankind still has it together enough to create some pretty cool sci-fi weaponry. It’s also all quite visually impressive, although this is an Ubisoft trailer, so it can be hard to tell the actual gameplay footage from the pre-rendered stuff. Take anything that looks just a little too good with a grain of salt.

Like any online-dependent game, there’s a good chance The Division will be a unplayable disaster, but I think it’s looking promising. Tom Clancy’s The Division emerges from the Dark Zone on March 8.