Tom Cruise to Enter “Oblivion”?

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Sadly, the studios have not realized the sublime genius of “Oblivion”, the 1994 Full Moon release about a bunch of alien cowboys starring some b-listers and featuring a script by Peter David. That movie would be awesome. Instead we’re getting “Wall-E” as an action flick.

The basic plot: the Earth is ruined thanks to our environmental degradations (cue Fox News whining about the liberal agenda). Tom Cruise is the last man on the surface, repairing robots that kill the aliens that have somehow wound up down there while the rest of humanity lives in cloud cities. Then a beautiful woman crash-lands near his house and he’s forced to reconsider his place in the world. The Twist-o-matic has predicted the twist on this one will either be that the “aliens” are just humans who have mutated, left behind when the cloud cities launched, or that Tom Cruise is a robot.

This is what Joseph Kosinski was writing because “Tron: Legacy” took so long. It does at least promise to have a lot of alien asskicking, so that’s something, at least. It doesn’t wash away the bitter taste of Guillermo Del Toro’s “At the Mountains of Madness” not getting the green light, but it’s something.

[ via the Burn-Es at Deadline ]

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