Here’s The Terrifying Robot A Turkish Farmer Jury-Rigged To Electrocute Bears

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08.11.14 11 Comments

In America, if a bear is messing with your crops or poking around your backyard, you call animal control. In Russia, they call Putin for a photo-op. But the Turkish? The Turkish decide to create a robot that will haunt the nightmares of every bear for eighty miles.

Found by Australia’s 9News, this is pretty much the complete definition of overkill. Engineered by Mustafa Karasungur, this thing doesn’t just have a car alarm in its skull and terrible fashion sense; it can also hit anything it touches with 25,000 volts to scare it off as it rolls around in a circle. Also, because Karasungur is a strong believer in efficiency, it’s a “mobile power source.” You know, because you’d want to get anywhere near this thing in the first place.

We’re faced with two questions here. One, what the hell did bears ever do to Mustafa Karasungur, because this thing isn’t just built to keep bears away from crops. It’s designed to scare the hell out of every living thing that comes near it. Two, does he seriously think he’ll be allowed to mass produce this thing? Because, as a clever as it is, the last thing this guy needs is funding. We’re not entirely sure this isn’t his first draft of a T-800.

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