A Unicyclist Plays Zelda Music On An Accordion In The Woods

07.25.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Screenshot from 2013-07-25 15:00:39

We could try to dress this up. But there’s no need. It’s a man, on a unicycle, playing “Lost Woods” from The Legend of Zelda, on an accordion, in the woods. Seriously, here’s the video:

The only thing left to decide: Nerd? Or hipster?

  • His beard is not found on would-be metal guitarists or Gandalf, which points to hipster.
  • But he has the hair of a hippie Unix administrator, which points to nerd.
  • He owns a unicycle, which is the kind of painfully quirky thing a hipster would do.
  • But he’s willing to be filmed riding it, which points to nerd. The fact that he can actually ride it pretty well while playing a musical instrument just kinda underlines the whole nerd thing (full disclosure: I owned a unicycle for most of high school.)
  • He owns an accordion, which points to hipster.
  • He plays it, which points to nerd.
  • Then again, he plays it ironically in this video, which points to hipster.
  • But he knows what the song is called, and why playing it in the woods is funny, which points to nerd.
  • He is not wearing a Utilikilt, which points to sane human being.
  • But his shorts are sensible and lacking in cargo pockets, which points to nerd.

Eh, we guess this will just have to remain an ineffable mystery, until the dude is found by Reddit.

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