A Valve Employee Has Created A Controller You Use With Your Ass

12.05.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

gammasquadbuttcontrollerOkay, so it doesn’t work exactly as you might have imagined/hoped. 

Now that motion controls have come and (mostly) gone, what’s the next big revolution in video game control? Well, if Ben Krasnow, an engineer at Valve, has anything to say about it, the future of gaming might be ass controllers.

Krasnow’s politely named “posture-based” controller goes on your chair and allows you to navigate your game with your buttcheeks by turning and leaning in different directions. You can check out a video of the controller in action below…

Krasnow has also created a tongue controller, which gives me the opportunity to write the following sentence — Valve wants you to play games with your tongue and ass! Never let it be said I don’t understand how this SEO stuff works.

Well, I guess we know why we’ve been waiting so long on Half Life 3 — hopefully they get the Gordon Freeman butt control kinks out soon.

via Destructoid

butt via Shutterstock

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