Valve’s “Super 8” Teaser Hides ARG Within ARG

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Hey, remember that playable teaser Valve included as an extra on “Portal 2” that we talked about a few days ago?

Turns out there’s a little more to it than that.

Players crunching through the ARG Valve created for “Portal 2”, which was mostly about selling a lot of good indie games and getting people to actually play them, were poking through the Super 8 level and stumbled across a weblink that led them to a “clip 69”. Unlike most of the Internet, this was a safe-for-work clip.

Yep, the makers of “Super 8” expect us to run around the Internet to find the other 68 or so clips and cut them together in an online “editing room” to make some clip of the movie.

Sorry, guys, you’re not “The Dark Knight”. Call me when I can enter my phone number into a website and get a call from Commissioner freaking Gordon.

[ via the obsessives at ValveARG ]

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