Vin Diesel Recites ‘I AM GROOT!’ In Multiple Languages

Groot, of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is not noted for his complex dialogue. In fact, he only ever says three words: “I am Groot!” Which Vin Diesel had to learn in multiple languages to dub his lines, and which Jimmy Fallon promptly forces him to recite, because it’s hilarious.

It’s actually funny not least because Fallon and Diesel compare notes about the difficulty of voice acting; Diesel essentially had to offer an entire performance sitting in front of the mic and reciting the same three words over and over again. And then Fallon proceeds to razz Diesel for his high-pitched French, even though Groot’s multilingualism is canon.

The Tonight Show clip above, which we’ve seen before, also features a brief moment that shows off Groot’s personality, namely, he may not be the smartest tool in the shed but he gets things done. Also, I freely admit I’m a huge sucker for background gags, which is basically this entire clip, so if I weren’t already so firmly in this movie’s pocket that I’m probably seeing it twice this weekend, I’m even more sold. Because, really, who doesn’t love this kind of subtle, witty comedy?