Waiting for “New 52” Trades? Get Comfy, It’ll Be a While

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This is how you know DC is selling single issues hand over fist; some of the collected trades hitting stores won’t be on your FLCS’s shelves until November. But for the really popular titles, you’ll only have to wait until…May!

Oh, and in an addition punch to the nards, among the first collections streeting are “Catwoman” and “Green Arrow”. So, you know, if you secretly hate somebody, and their birthday is in May, you can say it with comics.

And if there’s somebody you like, there’s the “Animal Man” collection and “Wonder Woman” is meriting a nice hardcover.

In fact, going through the whole list, it’s pretty interesting to see what DC did and didn’t realize. For example, collected volumes of all those cancelled titles are all called “Volume One”, instead of “The Complete Series” or whatever, and some of these collect seven issues instead of six.

Still…November, guys?

image courtesy DC Comics

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