Want a Better Look at Tomar Re?

04.22.11 7 years ago

I didn’t join in the b*tchfest about the “Green Lantern” trailer because I actually liked the thing, but apparently I was alone on the Internet on that one. Anyway, Warner Brothers has heeded the whining of fans and a new trailer is hitting with “Thor”, but aside from that, they’re also rolling out some new posters.
Anyway, they’re going from Lantern to Lantern, and this time, it’s everybody’s favorite fish…chicken…thing, Tomar Re.
The poster, on the following slide, gives us a look at Tomar Re with more detail on his design and all that. Personally, I think they should have made him more jacked, but I’m just glad this movie leaves Earth in the first place. Seriously, anybody whining doesn’t understand how Hollywood thinks. More on that on the next slide.

Seriously, guys, we nearly had Jack Black doing a “wacky” “comedy” as our Green Lantern movie. The way studios think, “Green Lantern” would have been shot entirely in the desert, the only alien we’d see is Abin Sur (played by some Oscar winner for ten minutes to better sell the movie in Thailand), Tom Kalmaku would be a black guy going “DAAAAAAAMN!” all the time, and Hal would use the ring for a total of ten minutes in a ninety minute film. Count your blessings: this looks like a movie where they get it.
[ via the Oans at First Showing ]

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