Want to Play a New Zelda Game? On PC?

07.01.11 7 years ago

Hey, you know how nerds with lots of free time have built monuments in Minecraft to every possible franchise and intellectual property that exists? Except H.R. Giger (we hope)? Yeah, somebody went one step beyond and built an entire new Zelda game.

This isn’t a remake, it isn’t a five-minute long game somebody brewed to show how awesome they are, it isn’t a replica of a Zelda map from the 8-bit era, it is a full-on Zelda game. Cutscenes, secrets, 20 weapons, eight dungeons, ten hours of gameplay and all. OK, so it’s an FPS Zelda, but that’s pretty much the only difference between this and an official Nintendo release.

Having downloaded it as a huge Zelda nerd and given it a bit of a playthrough…this is a really good game. The FPS takes some getting used to since you’re mostly using short range weapons, but it’s solid. It’s a pity Nintendo’s probably going to sue it into the darker corners of the Internet, but if they’re smart, these guys will soon have jobs on the Zelda team.

Check out the trailer on the next slide.

[ via the Cucco killers at Technabob ]

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