Want To Play A Video Game About The Holocaust?

09.05.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


Waaaaay back in 2008, you might have heard something about Imagination Is The Only Escape, a game for the DS about that light and cheery children’s topic, the Holocaust. Well, its creator Luc Bernard is still at it, and currently he’s raising money to bring it to Mac platforms.

Bernard isn’t goofing around, either: The game is set during historical events and wants to discuss the psychological trauma of seeing your mom gunned down in the street and hiding from a government that wants to kill you. And Bernard actually has a pretty good point:

Games are actually uniquely suited to depicting certain situations. Stop and consider, for a second, that we as gamers get to run and jump our way through painstakingly realized depictions of historical locations, or that we play games where complex economic, social and personal interactions are detailed all the time. But games rarely touch on history in a realistic way.

Still, there are a few crowdfunding red flags, here. It would be nice to see more than just a few screens demonstrating the art style, even if Bernard is an experienced game designer with some awards under his belt.

Still, it’s hard to knock his goal of helping games to grow up a little. If you’re interested to see what an adventure game like this can do, he wants ten bucks for a digital copy.

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