Want To See The New Companion Cube in “Portal 2”?

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When “Portal” was released, it quickly found a mascot: the Companion Cube, a loveable, huggable polygon friend that will never stab you, but can talk, if you listen hard enough and don’t eat.
Anyway, one of the big questions for “Portal 2”, aside from “how do you add mechanics to a game that’s so perfectly simple without ruining it?”, was whether or not the Companion Cube would return. Well, that and why they rerecorded Wheatley (Stephen Merchant is awesome, but come on, guys, the original recording was way better). Apparently, it’ll be around for at least one puzzle.
Ominously, that puzzle room is entitled “Old Yeller”.
The Companion Cube, some gorgeous concept art, and other miscellaneous screenshots on the next slides.

[ via the sentries at PC Gamer ]

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