We Send Off The Wiimote The Only Way We Know How: GIFs

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12.18.12 5 Comments

One thing that has not been discussed, amid the arrival of the Wii U and thus the departure of the Wiimote as the central controller of Nintendo’s console, is the fact that this means that by and large, a great source of unintentional comedy is slipping away from us.
Yes, the Wiimote offered much in the way of hilarity to the world, often due to the fact that most people are incredibly clumsy. But now that’s ending as it cedes its place as Nintendo’s weird controller to the GamePad.
So long, dear friend. You made us laugh, you made us cry (when we saw the repair bills), and you have contributed, in your own special way, to popular culture.
Here, in GIF form, are just some of the joys the Wiimote has brought us.

Although to be fair, this one wasn’t caused by the Wiimote, really.

If only this were actually possible.

Apparently nobody has bothered to make this as anything bigger than avatar sized. Shame.

Ah, the pitfalls of live television. Here’s what we’re wondering: During the entire QA process, this never came up? At all?

The Wii and live broadcast simply do not mix.

Now, this, on the other hand, is absolutely baffling. This isn’t live. There’s a director, an editor, a producer, all people who could have looked at this and thought “What will the most perverted place on the Internet think of this clip of video?” Which is part of their job, really. Maybe they just didn’t like their jobs? That’s all we can come up with.

It is dangerous to be siblings and on the Wii, apparently.

And, just to show that it’s not all comical injuries and property damage, here’s a Wiimote controlled robot in a beer can.

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