What Does It Take To Get You To Buy DLC?

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04.25.12 11 Comments

Here’s a question: what does DLC have to offer you before you take out your credit card?

We bring this up mostly because “Batman: Arkham City” has “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” coming up, and…we can’t say we’re hugely enthused.

Part of this was the fact that the Catwoman content was a bit boring and unnecessary, not to mention awkwardly shoe-horned in. You didn’t need to play it, so that was a pretty compelling reason to not play it in the first place. Similarly, it’s hard to see what Harley’s Revenge is going to add to an already compelling game. So you can play as Harley Quinn…so what?

So, we throw it to you: what does it take for you to pay for content? New characters? New maps? More plot?

image courtesy Warner Brothers Games

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