What Is The Worst Comics Crossover Of All Time?

08.14.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

Crossovers. Events. We all know them… and we all have to admit that they kind of suck.

That said, some suck worse than others. The problem is that there are two kinds of crappy crossovers: pointless reboots and continuity snarls.

I grew up reading DC, so I read a lot of reboots and relentless crossovers. I admit I have some affection for some of DC’s crossovers. Underworld Unleashed took a lot of terrible lame-ass villains that needed to be redone and also redressed a few annoying problems like Lex Luthor’s health. Their Eclipso crossover actually spawned a pretty good anthology book and marked one of the few times their desperate attempt to make Anarky cool kinda worked. Even the cheesefest Bloodlines had its good points: For example, it spawned Hitman.

And Marvel has a few home runs or at least solid base hits. Secret Wars remains goofy fun, and there isn’t a nerd alive that didn’t feel a little thrill at the hints Marvel has been dropping that it might bring The Infinity Gauntlet to the screen.

That said, though, there have been some real turkeys. So I put it to you: what’s the worst crossover you’ve ever read? And why is it the worst?

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