Whining Over "Mass Effect 3"'s Ending Does Some Actual Good

Usually, protests like the ones over “Mass Effect 3″‘s ending just turn out to be embarrassing, making gamers look whiny and entitled.

And don’t get us wrong, the epic butthurt over the franchise’s ending is whiny and entitled. But somebody has at least harnessed it to actually do some good: gamers have raised more than $30,000 in donations to Child’s Play as a “protest.”

We wish more complaining about games was like this, because instead of driving eyeballs to the banner ads in crappy unofficial forums, it requires the fans to get out there and do some good. Maybe we could start a Console Wars bulletin board where all people do is argue over which system is better, but first they have to donate five bucks to Child’s Play and sign a pledge to never argue online about which system is better anywhere else. That’d probably get us the Nobel Peace Prize.

image courtesy EA