Who Could Ever Foresee See These Links?

What’s Going On In The World of Kitties? [UproxxNews]

Frotcast 35 and Steven Seagal memes [Filmdrunk]

Bill Hader explains Stefon [WarmingGlow]

Tonya Harding is doing great [WithLeather]

A baby trashes the Palms Hotel [Filmdrunk]

Top 20 Black Action Figures [Gunaxin]

The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990s. [Guyism]

Waiting For Godot: The Video Game [Buzzfeed]

A Gallery of “These People Exist” [EgoTV]

Seven Traumatizing Editions of Beloved Comic Strips. [TSJ]

This artist really captures the essense of “House” [ForkParty]

78 Celebrity Wonder Woman Photoshop Fakes. This is a very specific fetish. [CoedMag]

Brock Lesnar, Lance Armstrong, and the Best Sports Movies Never Made. [BleacherReport]

Step It Up, America: You’re Not the Drunkest Country in the World, Says WHO Report [BroBible]

VIDEO BELOW: I’m pretty sure this cat is trying to summon Cthulhu. [via Buzzfeed]


[Banner picture via PZMyers, inset pic via linternez]