Why ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Should Come To Netflix

04.11.13 5 years ago 37 Comments

For animation fans, there was a massive gift waiting for them when they booted up Netflix this week: Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network brought an enormous number of series to the streaming service, meaning that in addition to the direct-to-video movies that DC Entertainment regularly brings to the service, there’s now the full run of Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond.

But there’s one glaring omission: Batman: The Animated Series. Not even the first season is available. And that’s a mistake on Warners’ part.

It’s Hard For A Lot Of People To Find

Yeah, there are reruns of it available on the Hub (and hilariously well-promoted ones, at that), but that’s pretty much the only place to find it on the dial. Considering much of the Hub’s content is on Netflix anyway, we can’t imagine that deal is getting in the way.

It Can’t Be Making You Much Money The Way You’re Treating It

We know studios view nerds as entities to be squeezed for all they’re worth, but this is a bit ridiculous. Currently, the only way to get all eighty-five episodes streaming is to pay $160 or so to Amazon for the privilege. Considering Superman’s series can be had for cheaper, it’s a little baffling that so long after a show has paid for itself, it’s still so expensive.

Also, it’s a nitpick, but it’s a huge disappointment to pay all that money and then see the generic opening to The Adventures of Batman & Robin, instead of the iconic opening the show was known for.

It Deserves A Wider Audience

Batman: The Animated Series is often mentioned in the same breath as The Simpsons as one of the greatest cartoons of the ’90s, and it was impressive even to TV critics at the time. We’re arguing over which were the best episodes even today.

A lot of people who grew up with it have kids now, or at least have kids in their lives, and the show holds up. They want to share it, and they can’t.

So come on, Warners. Do right by Batman: Set him free.

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