Why Do PS3s Now Have An RTFM Warning On Boot-Up?

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12.05.11 4 Comments

If you’re like me, you saw yet another firmware update for your PS3, and if you’re like me, you updated, grumbling all the way about another damn update for a chunk of hardware, the PS Vita, you were never going to buy and this was annoying and we’d better get some features that don’t suck out of this.

After it was uploaded, I noted two things: one, the sneaky little IT monkeys threw in a Netflix update in with the firmware that is equal parts welcome and annoying. I like that TV shows are broken out by season now instead of being in a wad, but really don’t like the new “here’s a bigger image!” rows that they have. That’s going to be all sorts of pesky.

Two, before I can get at the XMB, there’s a warning about reading the literature that comes with the PS3. This pops up every time you boot the system.

“Oh, that’s weird”, I thought the first time I saw it. “Well, I guess people do need to be informed.” The second time I saw it, I thought “Wait…didn’t I already see that?” The third time I thought “I’m going to see this f***ing thing every time I boot up?” It’s not even an epilepsy warning, which would at least make sense, just an admonition to read the manual. Yes, it’s legalese for RTFM.

What’s annoying is I can’t find a lawsuit or any sort of justification for this insult to my intelligence. I’m not even sure it’s possible to toggle this little disclaimer on or off in the settings. So essentially I wasted half an hour of my life to have another five seconds of my life wasted every time I want to watch Netflix or boot a TV.

Gee, thanks, Sony.

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