Why You Should Go To Free Comic Book Day

05.02.14 4 years ago 12 Comments
free comic book day 2014

Free Comic Book Day

Even non-nerds have probably heard of Free Comic Book Day at this point. Held the first Saturday of May, it’s… well, self-explanatory, really. But even if you’re only mildly interested in comic books, you should make a point of going.

So, wait, I just go to a comic book store and I get free comic books?

Yep, and more than just comics if you get there early. Specifically, you can get these free comic books. Publishers run them off at their own expense and usually use FCBD to launch new stories or offer samplers of their work.

Are the comics any good?

Usually; keep in mind the plan is to get you hooked so you’ll start buying comics. I’m under embargo for some of the FCBD comics I’ve received, but I have read the majority of this year’s crop, and it’s all pretty solid. DC’s launch of their weekly title Future’s End and Valiant’s sampler are particularly strong books this year.

It’s actually good for fans and non-fans alike, because even minor publishers usually send along a few free books that allow you to sample their work and see if it’s for you.

Will there be anything for my kids?

Plenty, actually. I’ll particularly recommend the KaBoom! sampler, but most of the publishers actually have entirely separate books for kids.

Where do I find a comic book store with the free comics?

Handily right here.

Anything else to know?

Yeah; because FCBD really boosts retail traffic, many publishers put their best foot forward this week. There are a lot of good #1s and starts to new arcs this week. Here’s our comics megapost to get you started.

Also, you may be able to get your comics signed. Many comics creators go to local shops and make appearances. Look up who’s coming; there are some cool surprises out there.

Got a shop you recommend in your area? Weigh in on here, to help the new folks out.

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